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Commissioned Perler Bead Magnets

I just recently did four commissioned Perler bead magnets. Mega Man and Link magnets.

The client loved them!




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Creative Weekend

This weekend was a creative weekend for me.  I can’t really drive my car anywhere so, I was home most of the weekend, except for Saturday. So while Paul took a nap on Saturday afternoon/night, I got all creative and had a rave in my bathroom, trying to do light paintings.  Here are a few examples of what I ended up with, and to see the rest go to my flickr page.


I wasn’t using a tripod, so this is a blurry photo of me taking the photo in a mirror and waving one of my hands crazily with these finger rave lights on my fingers.


This is lights and my octopus shower curtain, I like this one a lot.


This is a painting that Crystal bought me a while ago, I like the way this turned out even though I wasn’t using a tripod…

Then on Sunday afternoon, I set out to make some bead sprites. I didn’t think I would make as many as I did, but I pretty much made them until I ran out of the glue paper, so I will have to get some more this week, also I need to order some more beads, but check out what I made. All of this stuff will be available in my etsy store shortly.


Picture didn’t come out to great on these, but they are hearts and they are magnets.


Set of Mario 1… plan on making more in this set.


Somebody requested the prince from dragon warrior, so while I was doing that I made a slime, I plan on making 2 more for a set.


This is an life bar from the legend of zelda. I think I’m going to make this into a magent. I think it’s pretty neat.

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More new crafts!

After being sick, and making lots of new buttons last week this morning I woke up and made some bead stuff. Also have a few new buttons up on etsy and ebay. You can check etsy here, and ebay here.

Below is new stuff that I haven’t posted yet:


New Button Designs

I was really on a roll the other night and came up with a bunch of new button designs. They will be posted on etsy, and ebay in the next few days. I’m still working on my Final Fantasy coasters, and a set of Super Mario 2 coasters.

Check the new hotness: