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About Mrs. Pacman…

I’m a graphic/web designer living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I work at an advertising agency doing all the graphic and web design. I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia 2 years ago, and love working in the design field.

Recently we got wedding tattoos instead of wedding rings. It took us a long time to decide on what we wanted instead of rings. We wanted something that would connect the two of us together when we were together. It also had to be something that we both enjoyed.

We buy and sell old and new video games. We used to have a store, but now we only sell on eBay. My husband helps run the Too Many Games video game expo. If you live in the area and love video games, you should come out to the show, it’s fun for the whole family!!!

You can find me on flicker, myspace, twitter, and etsy.


One thought on “About Mrs. Pacman…

  1. Mrs. Pacman is fantasic!!

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